no way do I want to do this

This is why I don’t want to do early much hate and not enough working together and all the papers and name calling…yuck!

Poor Ardi he doesn’t know what he is human, chimp, some of both or maybe none at all

Come on anthropologist get it together!

going back to gardens

there are many days when i wish we could just go back. I know we will never be able to go back and hunt and just gather, but I wish we could learn better from our past pre history more often.
Its sad that we have destroyed so much when we think we are so smart and wonderful today. Yeah we can live to be 100 but what have we lost…

on that i hope we can gain better ways to live now. for this time and this way of life. modern way. this past weekend i was telling friends about how bulgarian kids think its not cool to garden and learn about it from all the older people who have world class gardens. its sad. bad. beacuse now us “west” people think its cool to garden. so it would be nice for us americans to help other people/places learn from our problems/issues years and in set with us, so they don’t waste time/money/the world. so to the kids of bulgaria its cool to garden so learn it…please. and to the rest of the world why can’t we bring/show all the good things that we are learning from that we should of keep gardens and not done the horrible things we have in the past. beacuse well it would save one thing that is hard to replace…the earth