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Earlier I talked about giving. This just shows some of what I talked about.
Shout out to all the great Lutherans out there, good job!!!

This is a great graphic!

Giving By Bill Clinton ~ How Each of Us Can Change The World

This past couple of weeks between writing and Thanksgiving I have been reading Giving by President Clinton. I didn’t know what to aspect from it but was happily surprised. It gives some great examples during the whole book about what can be done, how people give, what normal American can do to help or how to give not only our time, money, and talents. How giving works from markets to governmental assistance.
If you are thinking of giving money or your time its a good book to get ideas of how to use them wisely.

About 70% of American households and increasing number of people around the world give some money away every year. In 2006, Americans gave almost 2 percent of our GDP, about $300 billion.

My favorite giver Warren Buffett (Nebraskan!) plans to give over 95% of his money away, he gave some $30 billion to the Gates foundation. He and the Gates are one of my favorite rich beacuse they give so much money beacuse well they should, Not going to lie I really don’t like Oprah, beacuse come one yeah she give a million there a million here but that is like me giving about a $1, so yeah it might seem like so much but really its not. It talked in the book about how the top 10% of rich Americans could pay for the Development goals of the UN.

If you can’t give money then give time.

In the United States, about 55 percent of American adults, almost 84 million people, give some time every year.

I know this could and should be much higher it should be around 70%!

Ways to give back can be helping the environment like changing light bulbs to using clean energy to giving a small amount to an NGO or non-profit. This is just get me, when people say my $5 will not go far, it will that is what hurts the most I think, $5 in Africa will go 5 days or will give 5 AIDS test or feed a child for 3 days so not matter the amount it will help, beacuse if everyone gave $5 in the states just think how much that is ($1,520,298,620)!! Also people that say they can’t give beacuse unless you really I mean really, like don’t buy a coffee then for a day. Because well I give from Bulgaria and I make about $300 a month over here. I gave to Luther and NaNoWriMo along with giving not only 2 years to the Peace Corps mission but we also spend a lot when we are on the kids we work with. So unless you are buying bread only; you should give back beacuse most likely there is always someone worst off in the world but not even that but in your own town.

I know to most people the things I think should be higher and give more time and money, but I guess that is just me. My family is really giving in both and that is how I was raised I guess I need to be very thankful for that. And our American culture is much more “me” then “us” but after living here in Bulgaria where volunteering is a whole new thing I’m glad that so many people in the states do give and help those in need. Since Its that time of year of giving, think how many presents are really need and what could you do as a family or couple this year to help those in need. Last year one of my friends gave in my honor for my birthday a flock of chickens beacuse she knew as much as I would love a package I love that the money was spent for someone else who really need it. So this Christmas think about giving for your giving, beacuse really do we need more junk or you could buy ducks!

So all in all I challenge you to give more money and time this year. GIVE

Some of my top choice that will for sure use your money no matter the amount:
Give money to Peace Corps projects around the world that PCV do directly. Peace Corps
Three Cups of Tea- Central Asia Institute

Amazing Dr. Paul Farmer- Partners in Health
Kiva Where you give money to help new business around the world
Give a bull or chickens with Heifer International

The Clinton Foundation
Gates Foundation