Sexy Farmers??

I know even the title makes you look and wonder but its just more anthropology(sorry). In the NPR article For Cave Women, Farmers Had Extra Sex Appeal by Richard Harris, it talks about how they have been studying the Y chromosome to see if women and men both traveled and moved into Hunter-gather area. It found that it was just men that set off and then had offspring with the local women. Its an interesting article that made me re think, beacuse I always had in my mind this family walking along in search of better land (Like during the 1800s in America), but now its just the men that went and took over the land they found and had the locals fall for them. Or even if the women came along the males can “spread more” seeds so their genes moved fast in population. Since not only did they have the new sexy look to them with gifts of grain and animals that followed them, their children might of been healthier and more of them since they where able to have a greater population off the grain than the natural/local nuts and animals.
So now we can thank these women for falling for these grain men for how we live today…(know wonder we fall for men with fancy new technology, its in our genes)

Hadza ~ National Geographic

I was finally able to read the article in the December issue of National Geographic. It was a great article with great pictures of the local Hadza that live in Tanzania. Ever since my trip to Tanzania its true I fell in love with the country, and the two times we got to live in the bush with the Masai I gained an even better appreciation of the people and their way of life. It was how I fell in love with anthropology and hunter- gather societies.
Articles like this make me sad beacuse I know this society will not last long, beacuse the government is going to try to change them, which they have done to other groups including the Masai. I really hope Human watch groups and that within their own people they can live within their area in peace and keep living like they have done for thousands of years. Its times like these I want to be like look, we still can live like this and please oh please let them keep doing what they do. Not only can we gain so much into what we have done wrong over the last couple of years and hundreds for that matter, but we can learn maybe how to go back and improve our way of life in today’s world.

I know so many people look at these photos and are like “oh look at these poor people” but really we are the poor ones when you look at us, yeah maybe we have computers, fly around the world, have the big house, where shoes, eat foods from 50 countries in one day but look again. We have lost so much.
Not only are they healthy, stress free, they get to sleep more, they don’t work as much, but they have learned and keep the knowledge that so many of us have lost like how to cope with death to how to simple hunt and keep our own self alive.

So yes we have so much more “knowledge” today but we lost so much of it to get here, but then again what truly is knowledge.

So we can take this moment and if they let us to learn from them, beacuse we are the ones that need it to keep the world going.