Ice + land+horse+viking=amazing!

So before I head home I’m stopping in Iceland for a couple days. I have always heard great things about this place but not really known much about it besides their killer hockey team from Mighty Ducks. So I started a search to find out what to do when I was going to be there. December not the best month. But It will do beacuse they have this:

Viking tour on horseback…Yeah two things amazing in themselves but together well I can’t wait.

Its a little(aka a lot) over my spending budget but I might do a little treat to myself if I can get it all to work out. Because well nothing like a bit of Viking history while riding horses brought over by the old grand men we call vikings.

Here is what the tour has to offer:

We start with an introductional ride into the lava fields surrounding Mt. Helgafell volcano to the old Kaldársel sheep corral or to Lake Hvaleyrarvatn through lava fields and across beautiful hillsides, getting acquainted with horses and surroundings. After a nice lunch at the riding centre we head straight into the adventure of exploring the Reykjanes preservation area. Cross the Kaldá River, ride around the old volcano Mt. Helgafell or into the beautiful Heiðmörk Nature Park with all its strange lava formations and the ancient Gjáarrétt sheep corral, made from lava stones. View rough lava fields and look for different formations in the lava, maybe you will be able to spot a troll or two.

Yeah you read it right..looking for lava trolls!


List of my top 5 wideopen dream jobs

If I could do any jobs in the world – had the money, education, background, time to do it here is what they would be:

This but underwater!

US senator. one beacuse you make the laws. two you can do the job more then 8 years. three that many more balls, BBQs, parties, and people to meet. Along with all the suits I would get to wear in blue…

National Geographic photographer. you go to crazy places in crazy transportation to get amazing photographs. Then I would blow them all up huge and put all over my house.

Travel show host. free food, free travel, getting to  go around the world. If I could have one it would be to visit all the tribes and do more local travel with it all.

Underwater Archaeologist studying Viking life. umm do I need to say more then sucba diving and Norway, Ireland, Denmark,Greenland and vikings (the ones with out the horns on the hats)

Ambassador. not only do you get a sweet passport. and flags on your car. you also get called madam ambassador….what more could you ask for?

(This week I decided to honor a blog I follow secret society of list addicts. And Since yesterday just by chance I stated a list I thought I would make this week list week; since I’m down to my last days over here in BG, my life has been nothing but list lately so I love a good check off. so welcome to W.A.’s list week.)