Why walnut anthropology?

You might be thinking that is a funny name or if you know me another blog, really?!?
Name- After picking up walnuts with another PCV and bring them back to my house it got me thinking. I have never really liked the favor of them but after cracking them open I did because it took a lot of work to open the hard shell. While doing this it got me thinking about life back “then”(thousands of year ago to last hundred) and if they liked the food just because they was not option or did they even have favorite food like we do now or did they just eat it because it made them stay alive. Walnuts to me are a funny nut, they hurt if they hit you over the head from the tree, they drop and get gross on the ground, are super hard to get open, wast a lot of space inside, brain looking nut, taste funny, and well they remind me of squirrels( which then makes me think of college). Anthropology because well I wish I could say I was one, but I have never felt that I can call myself even with a degree in it until I have a PhD. So its more the hope you could say, along with its really what this blog is about or where I’m coming from “the study of….” and which the walnut comes into play “the brain” of mine which I like to study the culture of life in general, people, issues, life aboard, life at home, and anything that involves “culture”.

So I will get it out just right now…Yes, I wish I could live as a Hunter-gatherers, because while I was cracking up my walnuts I was thinking how “easy” life would be, not wish you where making a difference, if grad school or job after Peace Corps and what “life” is to us; where they just to live on, produce, and not kill the things around you and live life the best you can(yes, i know they had culture and a way of life, but its much different then now). Not only that but how cool is it just to walk around and get food, along with I believe they were much happier and healthier then we are now. Maybe they couldn’t fly to crazy places and talk over the internet but they had family, good natural food, friends, and connections not only to people but to nature that we are so dearly missing. (but I will write more later on this topic)

Why another blog?- I would like to get away from my other one and make this more about life in general, personal, academic, what what I read and cook, and all other things things blogs are for. After I joined twitter I have been able to learn more about the “blog word” and what other 20 somethings are doing and writing about. I now have a Google reader where I keep up to date with my new favorite blogs along with reading the New York Times and other newspapers online, I’m see this tread so I thought why not join it. Who know what this will bring into my life, but mostly its my outlet.

So all in all, enjoy, comment, and happy nut hunting!!