Kicking the Bucket List out to show

Ok so I’m finally going to put up my bucket list page, But it still needs your help! I need new ideas, places.
Thanks to some other blogs (Location 180, really helped) and websites I finally got what has been in my head for years. I hope to use this page and this post as a way to make me do it, along with a way I will share some of the stories (along with a better way to understand me and some of my posts).

I’m still a baby in this blog world, but I gain new ideas and knowledge everyday. This page will be mostly for me but also for the few readers I have to also see.
The list has been forming in my head a long time, then during college I knew there was some things I really wanted and needed to do before this date, this year, this time period, along with a challenge to myself to learn more and gain more experiences. To me traveling and culture exchanges have been where I have learned the most about myself. The past year here in Bulgaria and the Peace Corps have taught me A LOT about myself but I have also gained some skills and travel that helped me find more out. As a kid I have always wanted to see polar bears in their natural habit or go to all 50 states but new ones like learn how to knit sweaters or get my master’s are new ones. I know more will be added and hoping just as more will be taken off/completed!
So welcome to my journey we call life!

Thanks to twitter and blogs out there that helped me put this out into the open and for the idea! (even thought you have no clue who I am, thanks)

(sorry it seems wordpress hate word, so I will need to work on it)
Bucket List of Life
1. Go to all 7 Continent
1.1. Africa, North American, Austrian, Asia, Europe, and Antarctica
1.2. Live in 4 of them for at least 2 months. (North American, Europe)
2. Travel to 75 countries by the time I’m 35
2.1. 25, 50
3. Visit 125 counties (airports don’t count or pass thoughts, spend one night/day)
4. Visit all 50 states (airports don’t count or pass thoughts, spend one night)
4.1. Have been to 30 by the time I’m 30
5. Drive from Washington to Maine- camp along the way
6. Live with a tribe for over a week in either bush or forest
7. Places to see
7.1. Machu Picchu, Peru
7.2. Martin Luther’s Home, Germany
7.3. The Colisseum in Rome
7.4. Petra, Jordan
7.5. The Great Wall of China
7.6. Chichen Itza, Mexico
7.7. . The Taj Mahal, India
7.8. Pyramids of Giza
7.9. Easter Island
7.10. Mesa Verde
7.11. Pompeii
7.12. Serengeti
8. Participate in events
8.1. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
8.2. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
8.3. Times Square on New Year’s Day
8.4. Oktober Fest in Germany
8.5. Watch the running of the Bulls in Spain
8.6. Inauguration of a president
8.7. Inauguration or crowing of a foreign leader

9. Natural wonder
9.1. The Grand Canyon
9.2. Victoria Falls (between Zambia and Zimbabwe)
9.3. Iguazu Falls (between Brazil and Argentina)
9.4. The Great Barrier Reef
9.5. The Galapagos Archipelago
9.6. The Northern Lights (the Aurora Borealis)
9.7. The Fjords of Norway
9.8. Amazon rainforest
10. Go all major sporting event
10.1. NBA, MBL, NFL, Hockey, Golf, Tennis, NASCAR,
11. Go to an Olympics
12. Go to a World Cup
13. Visit homes, graves, towns of great grandparents

14. College degree
15. Get article published
16. Anthropology Honors
17. Masters or higher
18. Get article published
19. Graduate with Honors
20. Become My own boss
21. Get elected to Public office
22. Ask for a pay raise and get it
23. Buy a house and pay if off (Build a environmental friendly one)
24. Live off only my garden for a whole summer
25. One whole month without buying anything (in States)
26. Cook a 4 course meal from all natural and homemade items
27. Become a mother
28. Have a organic farm and garden
29. Go without a car for 6 months (after PC)
30. Write a novel Write one for NaNoWriMo and get the 50,000 (Nov. 09) Finish a novel with all edits done Get it published Write a children’s book
31. Be an extra in a TV show or movie
32. Get a poem, story, or article published online or magazine
33. Get photograph published
34. Give $1,000 to a cause or Luther for 5 years in a row
35. Give to Luther every year even if it’s $5

36. Skydiving ( July 2007)
37. Bungee jump (October 2009)
38. paragliding
39. Sail in the ocean
40. Learn to sail
41. Sail from one country to another
42. Climb a Mountain above 14,000 feet
43. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
44. Climb a North American MT over 14,000 feet
45. Get to the base camp of Mt. Everest
46. Rock climb outside a gym
47. Do a bike race
48. Bike across a state
49. Ride in a hot air balloon
50. Learn how to scuba dive
51. Do 10 dives , 25 dives
52. The great barrier reef
53. Ride in a helicopter
54. Swim with dolphins
55. Swim with sharks
56. Fly a Jet or ride in one
57. Kayak or Canoe 5 rivers, the boundaries waters
58. Go white water rafting down 5 rivers (2)
Learn how to
59. Ice stake, play in a hockey game
60. Golf better, play a full 18 holes
61. Tennis, play a full match and win
62. Make as good Lefse as Grandma
63. How to make a website, then create a website, and have 100 readers
64. Use Photoshop
65. To knit a sweater
66. Learn how to fly fish and catch something
67. Catch a salmon and then gut and eat it
68. Learn to water ski
69. Go down a black run and be able to really do it – Skiing
70. Another Language
71. Re learn to play the piano
72. How to fly a plane
73. Make Fire with sticks, not just smoke
74. Make my Own dugout canoe with just fire and axe
75. Learn to dance all of these Salsa Tango. Ballroom. Samba. Waltz Foxtrot Belly Dance
Ballet Tap Dance

What do you think??? If you made it reading all of them, well thanks and you must either love me or need something to do on this snow day in the states!

Why walnut anthropology?

You might be thinking that is a funny name or if you know me another blog, really?!?
Name- After picking up walnuts with another PCV and bring them back to my house it got me thinking. I have never really liked the favor of them but after cracking them open I did because it took a lot of work to open the hard shell. While doing this it got me thinking about life back “then”(thousands of year ago to last hundred) and if they liked the food just because they was not option or did they even have favorite food like we do now or did they just eat it because it made them stay alive. Walnuts to me are a funny nut, they hurt if they hit you over the head from the tree, they drop and get gross on the ground, are super hard to get open, wast a lot of space inside, brain looking nut, taste funny, and well they remind me of squirrels( which then makes me think of college). Anthropology because well I wish I could say I was one, but I have never felt that I can call myself even with a degree in it until I have a PhD. So its more the hope you could say, along with its really what this blog is about or where I’m coming from “the study of….” and which the walnut comes into play “the brain” of mine which I like to study the culture of life in general, people, issues, life aboard, life at home, and anything that involves “culture”.

So I will get it out just right now…Yes, I wish I could live as a Hunter-gatherers, because while I was cracking up my walnuts I was thinking how “easy” life would be, not wish you where making a difference, if grad school or job after Peace Corps and what “life” is to us; where they just to live on, produce, and not kill the things around you and live life the best you can(yes, i know they had culture and a way of life, but its much different then now). Not only that but how cool is it just to walk around and get food, along with I believe they were much happier and healthier then we are now. Maybe they couldn’t fly to crazy places and talk over the internet but they had family, good natural food, friends, and connections not only to people but to nature that we are so dearly missing. (but I will write more later on this topic)

Why another blog?- I would like to get away from my other one and make this more about life in general, personal, academic, what what I read and cook, and all other things things blogs are for. After I joined twitter I have been able to learn more about the “blog word” and what other 20 somethings are doing and writing about. I now have a Google reader where I keep up to date with my new favorite blogs along with reading the New York Times and other newspapers online, I’m see this tread so I thought why not join it. Who know what this will bring into my life, but mostly its my outlet.

So all in all, enjoy, comment, and happy nut hunting!!