I started this blog after picking up walnuts and then bringing them home. But It came from an idea I had while mashing the shells or more of trying to crack them open. I had the thoughts of many thing running in my head; like why is it so hard to crack these little nuts?, why did I not like them before?, why do they look like a small brain?, and why are we still not hunter-gatherers?
The anthropology comes in with the last question, why are we still not roaming the hills? Some days I really do wish I was one or that I would now live the life as one. But I know I could never because well frankly I love hot showers and shoes.
After some months now I have been able to view/study/read other blogs where I would like to write about their words along with books/articles I read. But mostly life as a 20 something and how I see the world around me, so this has come around. Today’s world is much different even then a couple years ago. I’m now on Twitter and a little bit understanding Google but really the biggest thing is the way we know people has really changed. My experiences from the past shape my views along with where I come from (small town Nebraska) what I learned in college and love there (Luther College) and my day to day life in a foreign country (Bulgaria).

So all in all, I hope this blog will be more of a study of the “walnut” in my head and those/things around me.

First blog post Why Walnut Anthropology?

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  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

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