So I finished reading another great book by Daniel Quinn and well it made me think, wonder, ponder and hope I can read more books from him.
He is soon becoming one of my favorite authors and starting to get me really to think.
So read…The Story of B.
Read it with an open mind, and time to ponder and really I mean REALLY think about it all.

Sexy Farmers??

I know even the title makes you look and wonder but its just more anthropology(sorry). In the NPR article For Cave Women, Farmers Had Extra Sex Appeal by Richard Harris, it talks about how they have been studying the Y chromosome to see if women and men both traveled and moved into Hunter-gather area. It found that it was just men that set off and then had offspring with the local women. Its an interesting article that made me re think, beacuse I always had in my mind this family walking along in search of better land (Like during the 1800s in America), but now its just the men that went and took over the land they found and had the locals fall for them. Or even if the women came along the males can “spread more” seeds so their genes moved fast in population. Since not only did they have the new sexy look to them with gifts of grain and animals that followed them, their children might of been healthier and more of them since they where able to have a greater population off the grain than the natural/local nuts and animals.
So now we can thank these women for falling for these grain men for how we live today…(know wonder we fall for men with fancy new technology, its in our genes)