Same American Dream? No

Rethinking the American Dream by Vanity Fair.
Its an interesting article about what the dream use to be from the 1920-50s and how it has changed over time. But now we are in this we already have the “dream” now what and with shows on MTV and such we see what the top 1% have and want it also. But now we are learning that with that come debt, and so much of it that its almost killing the nation.
I have seen this change not only in the last 4 years but the last 2, for me also. Its now hard to come up with what the “American Dream” will be for my generation. Own a modest house, small car, have a family and try not to be in debt and leave it better for our children. I don’t know. I don’t even know what I want my “dream” to be, I think it makes it harder to see from afar but it also makes its not so bad until you think about it. I also have now see the other side of the “American Dream” and how places/countries are trying to start it but I want to yell stop…it will only hurt worst.
I think that growing up in American we will also have that, heck we try and teach it over here at PCVs, you can’t we are learning fast and slow. So we will also have it in our heart and know we can have some part of it, but I think it will be different. I think we will see the mistakes and hopefully change them from our grandparents and parents, like our house can’t and should be so huge you get lost not only in it but payments, that not ever family member needs a new car, that we should only buy what we can adored, and only have 1-3 credit cards and pay them off right away. I hope some stay like education, as many we still did and went to private school for college and will pay it of now for the next 20 years, I don’t think that will change, along with trying to do better for the next generation that will always be there.
Time will only tell, what will happen to this so very American thing the “American dream” and how it shapes us and the really the whole world.

In Defense of Food- Pollan

So I finally finished my last Pollan book to read. It was very interesting and straight forward, no need to dig deep to find the meaning of carrots or rose like I had to in Pol. Science classes before, but It made me really think. It made me want to throw up most of the time, when I thought about what I eat. I know I along with all of us need to change more of what we eat and don’t eat. Some of the facts really make you think about the “food” that we eat is not really food but made up chemical and parts of food. I really liked his part on how culture impacts the food we eat, how we eat it, to everything about it. Along with not only that but what our relationship to food is.
Everyone should read this! It will make us really think about food which we need to beacuse not only does it effect what we eat, our health, our earth’s health, and also all the people that try to eat like us; “Western Diet”

Historically consumed some eighty thousand edible species, now we eat 4 that account for 2/3 of our calories – corn, soy, wheat, rice

omega-3 vs. omega-6 change from leaves to seeds might cause more obesity, diabetes but also learning and development issues and suicide
it comes from not only not eating leaves but eating animals that don’t either anymore

Americans spend 9.9% of income on food where the french 14.9 and Spanish 17.1 (Which ones do you think are healthier and have a better relationship with food?)

Pollan gives some thoughts of how to go his process of getting not only healthier but also have a better relationship with food which goes back to people, the earth
Its Easy – Eat food. Not too Much. Mostly Plants.
He then goes to help with it- some we will like like- drink a glass of wine with dinner
and the big one Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.
Which I will hopefully add more and do. This summer when we have vegs and fruits I hope to follow the bottom rule for a whole month and see if I can do it. Even here in Bulgaria it will be hard since we are getting more and more processed food.

Overall Its a good book to read no matter what age you are, you should. I hope I can keep it up since I know I need to do better with eat more plants and way less processed food. I know my time here has helped since I make all my meals and some take some time, so I have learned how to enjoy to cook much better. So I hope when I’m done and go back home and can keep it up.