Train, Train, and Trains

The past 2 years I have been getting around Bulgaria by these wonderful old trains.

But most of the time they look like this! With color even thought its by bad means.

After my trip to Western Europe aka Switzerland the land of amazing public transport. I must say it will be the thing I will miss the most, to just hop on one and ride it for a couple hours. (or 8 for that matter) I will miss that, where I will not have to drive a car. So I will enjoy them while I still can, trains..I love them!

So come on America get on this again please!!

I miss Your FACE

the sweeterie

This is for everyone I miss!

Family, Friends, PCVs I have not seen in months or hours for that matter!!

After 2 years away from America I miss so many people!

Miss you all so very much!