Novel of November

So this afternoon I’m outside for once (being sick this past week with the flu) to write my novel.
Its crazy if you know me for one I’m not a good/great writer, I can’t spell to say my life (no joke), I hate it, and so much more. But the things we do in the Peace Corps grows. A bunch of people do it around the World and write a 50,000 novel in the month of November.
So about 1,667 words each day. Thanks to the flu I’m still behind even with only 3 nights and got up to over 6,000. So Today and Sunday are days I hope to get caught up with the normal, 13,000 by Monday morning. So we will see, who know I might run out of stream or time.

My Novel- So far is about a American girl (Eva) that goes to Denmark for the summer to start her life again. Where they are studying Viking life. Eva just got her master in viking life and started underwater archaeology. She is studying under Dr. A with new friends Anne, Soren, Thomas the new American and Frank the crazy American that will not shut up.
So I need to get back at it, I’m only at 7,000…
So happy writing or Happy NaNoWriMo!