List of my top 5 wideopen dream jobs

If I could do any jobs in the world – had the money, education, background, time to do it here is what they would be:

This but underwater!

US senator. one beacuse you make the laws. two you can do the job more then 8 years. three that many more balls, BBQs, parties, and people to meet. Along with all the suits I would get to wear in blue…

National Geographic photographer. you go to crazy places in crazy transportation to get amazing photographs. Then I would blow them all up huge and put all over my house.

Travel show host. free food, free travel, getting to  go around the world. If I could have one it would be to visit all the tribes and do more local travel with it all.

Underwater Archaeologist studying Viking life. umm do I need to say more then sucba diving and Norway, Ireland, Denmark,Greenland and vikings (the ones with out the horns on the hats)

Ambassador. not only do you get a sweet passport. and flags on your car. you also get called madam ambassador….what more could you ask for?

(This week I decided to honor a blog I follow secret society of list addicts. And Since yesterday just by chance I stated a list I thought I would make this week list week; since I’m down to my last days over here in BG, my life has been nothing but list lately so I love a good check off. so welcome to W.A.’s list week.)