Fashions I would bring back if I could

If I had the reach, money, style, and editor statues I would soooo bring these back:

BIG Hats. I love them. Not only for the horses and church but for every big celebration.

Hats. After watching Mad Men. I remember all the time at my grandma’s house we play with all her hats, how I would love to bring them back. No needs for perfect hair just a hat.

Fur coats. This is more of a have them I want to wear them with out getting paint on them. I wish I would of known since its still in over here in Bulgaria and the area to bring them. They are my grandma’s but now I can’t wear them since I really don’t want red pain on them. They are sooo warm.

Ballroom dress. Maybe its all this time away from home, but I would love to be able to go back to the ballroom dress of the England Royals.

Cowboy boots. Growing up as a kid I had a red pair that I loved. Then it was some time before I got new ones, but don’t worry once I come back home, I will be wearing them again. (This fashion I will sooo bring back)

Photo credit: Ariat

List of Pets

My baba's dog

So today I awoke with a surprise. Yes and Yes had a list for the week also. So I decided to keep this week up and do her list for the day.

So List for today

My pets I have had.

1. Jake. The dog we had when I was little don’t really remember him

2. Barney. Our beagle who was our dog for like 12 years. Boy did he like to bark.

3. Rusty. Our Jake Russel. Who was our dog for the past 6 years until this may.(evil coyotes)

4. Goldfish. I got for my freshman roommate for her birthday. 2 two different time, all died.

5. A bunch of cats. I don’t remember names and when we got older didn’t name since most got eaten.

end of story don’t have coyotes in your backyard.  I can’t wait to have a place so I can get a dog!