Three Men on a Bike- Rory Spowers (I want to bike in Africa)

Ever since I was like 3 or 4 I rode my bike until the last 2 years here in Bulgaria. I have missed it a bunch and now even more. But after reading Three Men on a Bike by Rory Spowers; about how four crazy Brits took to riding a 3 person bike and a mountain bike through Africa puts it on a whole new level. I loved reading it- it was a fast,great, funny read. It was interesting to see how it all has changed;where they went into countries that where horrible then are the best now, the great countries that are now not so good, along with how they traveled, got sick, what they eat.

All and All it made me want to bike my way around Africa. I know I know, I should first bike a state or do a race. So that will be my goal when I get home to do one of the state bike trips. Then work my way. Africa would be interesting now, since well they did it in 1989-90. Also I think bikes are better. But with that all the amount on sunscreen I would need is well something that makes you stop and ponder even more. It was funny to read their part on Tanzania which they hated beacuse well they got a bunch stolen and Dar was a nightmare for them. Because after being there, I was on the one road they took and now its a nice paved road, also the government is different now along with the people. I loved how they talked about the Masai. Sudan would be interesting to see now if they went back if it was still the same, along with all the problems they had with sand. Egypt for them was horrible beacuse they got rocks thrown at them, which I wounder if this still happens, since I would think it wound end tourist coming or biking anyway.
I was surprised how un plan/prepared they where, along with their bike that well was so funny looking I’m sure it helped them along the way, then a normal bike but they didn’t have much practice, knowledge of how to fix the bike and then extra parts. They got sick a lot and never seemed to have water.

But it made me want to go back, and visit. It would be fun to bike some of it, ride bus/trains for other parts. Now you could start out in South Africa, but have to fly around some wars still. They did Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, and Egypt. Reading it made me think on how much has changed but some has not in the almost 20 years since they did it.
To do it you would need some great friends and a year off “real world”. Sounds like fun, to ride your bike around the bush that and think of all the malaria drug dreams you could have along the way!