Me the Pack rat becomes a minimalist?

If you know me then you know I can be a pack rat or a hoarder. Its in my genes, My great-grandma was known and we had to watch her to make sure she didn’t take bread or food into her purse after a dinner out or even in her house. Along with all the stories from the prairie both my grandmas and great ones are pack rats. So its not looking good for me.

You might think well now in the Peace Corps you can’t have much stuff….which makes me laugh. I have so much stuff its gross. Back to the hoarding I have some 50 books, beacuse at the first couple months I was reading them fast then I could keep on the shelves so I started getting some sent and taking ones I knew I would read later. Then all the stuff I have for my kids, boxes of books and art supplies that have been sent. But when October comes only about 25% or less will come with me, since I’m just taking a backpack home. So for the most part I will get rid of a lot, this has been the plan for a long time now and now I’m even more happier about it. As times goes the more stuff I don’t need, well the better.
When I get home I still have a bedroom FULL of stuff, before I came I got rid of more then 10 huge garbage bags of stuff. But I need to do it again. I hope when I get home I can sell some of it since I will need the money, but also the fact that I plan to move the first time since well college it will help.
When You live in a small place and also a new country you learn what you need and really don’t need.

I also have seen the change come into (more) effect that Bulgarians are trying to be consumers like Americans, I want to stopped them all and tell them to turn around and go back.
It all goes back to my environmental classes that made me want to build my own home, have chickens and sheep, and huge garden. But now living where where people have that I want it even more. But with that I don’t need to buy so much stuff beacuse really it must cost more money and I would like to use that money on travel.

Minimalism comes into play, I now have been on the blog search and have come across some people over the months, but just this month I have hit all these great blogs about Minimalism and tiny houses, which makes me want to re do my stuff all over again. It all started when I read Colin‘s entry about the 51 things he owns,(which I did the holy shit, only 50 things that is crazy) from there is moved to new blogs that I have now really enjoyed reading so far. Another person with only 50 things or you can do the 100 things challenge which a lot of people have only or trying to get to. For me right now, I will have to wait since I just can’t fly home and do it all, and even that knowing me I will not get down to 100, only if I travel then sure I could do the 50 which I hope to leave Bulgaria/Europe with but then I get home and well its more like get it down to under thousand.
Found this today Why I’m wary about 100-thing minimalism which is very true.
But its more then just about stuff, Its about mind, body and health of them both. Its like trying to do mini Europe. For real, if we could take some of the things about Europe every much so the northern parts, its what it is. Time for cooking fresh meals, working less, more time for family, money spent on family and travel, not on stuff. House are clean, simple, and well fresh. Its trying to take those things and adding also environment and just a better you. Here I do some of these beacuse well we have to, no car, walking everywhere or public transportation (which all I’m going to miss back home), living on less the last couple months saving for travel I have been living on 250 leva a month so like less then $200 a month, time for you, able to read more, travel more, all the things that come into mind when you think Peace Corps I will miss and will be hard and will have to put effort into getting back into my life back home.

I know it will take time but I would love to see myself really doing some of these more and when I’m not here but back home. First off less junk, second keep up the free time!!
I really hope this movement becomes big in the states beacuse some of it we really need to re start the American dream, beacuse right now its not working. We need to walk more, become more health, less stress, more time for family and friends, spending less, large gardens,small houses, and looking out for the world we live in.

To start here are some great posts:
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Other Blogs: (A family of four)
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There are a bunch out there so go to these websites and look around, look at the blog rolls to find the ones that will work for you.
I’m also on the hunt to find more women, so far I just have Tammy, It seems its a lot of young males, but hopefully over time I can find more I like to read.

So for now I will work on the less computer time, working on cleaning out my place, coming up with a plan where I can do this all back home.