The world is a book…

The World is a Book,

and those who Don’t Travel,

read only a page.

– St. Augustine

Fashions I would bring back if I could

If I had the reach, money, style, and editor statues I would soooo bring these back:

BIG Hats. I love them. Not only for the horses and church but for every big celebration.

Hats. After watching Mad Men. I remember all the time at my grandma’s house we play with all her hats, how I would love to bring them back. No needs for perfect hair just a hat.

Fur coats. This is more of a have them I want to wear them with out getting paint on them. I wish I would of known since its still in over here in Bulgaria and the area to bring them. They are my grandma’s but now I can’t wear them since I really don’t want red pain on them. They are sooo warm.

Ballroom dress. Maybe its all this time away from home, but I would love to be able to go back to the ballroom dress of the England Royals.

Cowboy boots. Growing up as a kid I had a red pair that I loved. Then it was some time before I got new ones, but don’t worry once I come back home, I will be wearing them again. (This fashion I will sooo bring back)

Photo credit: Ariat