Warrior Women

I just finished Warrior Women- An Archaeologist’s Search for History’s Hidden Heroines, by Jeannie Davis-Kimball, Ph.D.
It was a super good book and very interesting for me. I loved how it was out to change the history books on women, and show not only why there were left out of so much history but also went on the look to prove that women were a major part of the early history. Something that is still missing for the history books and Davis-Kimball tries to rewrite it or at least show that before when all the archaeology was done by men in men government it looked like men where in charge, bones, gold, prizes, gifts to the after life. Goes to the whole lens, you see what you want to see, they was men ruling the world and it turns out not to be true.
Its a must read or any Archaeologist or women study’s major.
Its mostly on the Amazon women that where written about in Greek and Roman history and to see if they are real or not. Then it talks about the Nomads in Russia, China, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia.
Then in the end it talks about the Celtics, and how the women had so much power along with British early queens, but how it changed over time.
Great read its written so anyone can read it and you don’t have to know about the history or areas beacuse she does a great job of explaining it all for you.

Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads