Dream at 24

Yesterday I posted Dream at ten, yes it was a wonderful Story people quote, but it got me thinking. What is my dream at 24. I have no clue most of the time, really I’m more confused then after college. I have to many options. And I never had the “doctor” or “teacher” dream, so it makes it hard. So here is my take on it all:

Dream at twenty-four. Morning spent eating donuts wait 30 minutes then swim until my hands are complete wrinkles. Ride my horse to go dig in the dirt and finding the lost treasures of the world along with taking some time off to scuba dive to find lost sea cities. On the weekends I fly in my green airplane run on bio fuel that get 100 miles to the gallon around to meet friends where we drink amazing margaritas while eating chips and salsa. When I want I travel to far off place to live with the locals or study the wildlife for days. When all that is done I come back and take a nap and daydream about the next year. ~Andrea 24 1/4 years old

On a daily basis my “dream job” changes but here are some lately:

National Geographic author/writer and tour guide for all the rich old people
World known archaeologist on Viking life
World known published author with novels- archaeology based of course (along with film based on them)
Children book author about culture and the world
Housewife to a Norwegian (In northern Norway) where we live in a log cabin with animals and ski into town
Anthropologist where I live in the bush or jungle or snow-pack
World traveler with a tv show
Wife of a doctor without borders where we travel every 5 years to a new place, and I help but mostly learn/study the new cultures
Professional daydreamer
Professional napper

Now if only I can get them all into one…..

Thanks Story People for the push

Library new typewriter?

Is the Library the new typewriter? Today as I was reading a book, flipping through the pages and wondering who read it before, what did they think, where has this been. It hit me, would my children never even know what books where like, how they felt in your hands and the great satisfaction of flipping to the last page.
Its like for me, my mom and dad telling horror stories about their typewriter in college, and don’t get me wrong the couple applications I had to do in High school on it, I understood, the computer was the best thing possible and amazing and changed the way “we” went to college and wrote. I remember one class one of my old professors telling us about his Ph.D paper and how he wrote it on a typewriter, truthfully I don’t know how the hell they did it…I would of hated college, no spell check, no delete key…..I can’t even consider it.

With all the buzz about the kindle, and now the ipad will it happen to books and libraries. Book stores are closing, also part to amazon and online sources. But even if we can download new books and have 20 books on this tiny little thing and care it around, it will be nice. Don’t get me wrong it would be super nice for travel or road trips. But I must say there is still nothing like the weight of a book in your hand and turning that last page and a feel of knowledge and/or joy. and what about children books, no pop-outs or trying to touch the characters…..

I don’t know and I hope that the hardcover/paperback book is not the new typewriter. It will be interestingto see how the industry changes over the next couple of year. Maybe soon we will not be able to remember that weight. But one thing is for sure Libraries are special, and I miss them so much. Just being able to go in and get 5 books that looked great beacuse, yes I judged them by their cover and read them next to the fire with a cup of tea at my side.
Nothing is as wonderful as that.

What do you think, is the book/library the new typewriter, if so why or why not?