List of memories of Husker football

Today is Gameday. I miss husker football and well football in general. I thought I would share my list of memories of Husker football for me. As I’m listen to the radio online from Bulgaria here you go:

Listening to Husker football on the radio. We would sit in the living room and lay on the floor. Getting to drink pop. and eating cheese salsa dip.

Yelling at the TV. When I was older I would go downstairs and sit on the couch and yell at the TV.

Getting our tickets. When I was little my dad would have us go get our tickets since it was cheaper for us to do it and I also gain may skills from it. Now I can barter like crazy.

Gameday in NE. Driving into Lincoln and the whole interstate is full of fans and red. All radios and TV are turned to it. the Stadium full of red and listen to the band play. and Yes people plan weddings around them.

Food. I would love to get the food. Getting the drinks in the cups and keeping them. then going down and getting the food or from the food guys. Runza’s and pizza. all Nebraska food even theĀ  Fairbury hot-dogs.

Tunnel Walk. Not only at the game put on the radio/TV it still gives me chills every time.

Crushes. Not going to lie we all had them. My friends and I would put their numbers on our notebooks and make jokes out of it all.

I can’t wait to go to a game again and be able to listen and watch them again. Always a Husker!


Gold medals

Olympics I love them, always have ever since I was kid laying in front of the TV wondering how they ski so fast or did that jump on skates. I not only Love them for all the really cool and amazing acts people perform from around the world. But also what the Olympics mean for world with peace, getting along, team work, hard working, and community with everyone.

While I’m sitting here watching the Olympics in Bulgarian for the second time, I must say I see different things and get more of the non-American meaning of it all. Watching EuroSport is much different then NBC, they show a lot of Europeans and not much of the Americans, along with the sports they show over and over is much different like ski jumping is huge, where in the states its not know much let along watched. I knew it was big beacuse the past two winters I have watching it on days I have nothing to do along with cross-country skiing, you don’t really see that on ESPN during the winter but here it is shown. So they show those sports then say over hockey.
This past year I was able to see in Greece some of the places in Athens and then we even went to the old stadiums for the Athens games so it was and you get a idea more about it. The Greeks knew what they were doing and Its wonderful that we have it going.

It brings the world together and well we need that even if its every two year and for a month. It helps it lets people better understand and get to know places, sports, way of life, and people from around our world. In some ways it does help and brings world peace as much as that is possible which even just a little can help. It lets kids dream, it lets countries hope, and it lets the world understand just a bit better.
More dreams is all you can ask for!!

So I will spend the next month watching as much as I can. Along with watching online and reading what I can’t see.
I hope in the near future to be able to go to one, I would love to go to the Russian or Brazil again. So we will see.

Happy Olympic watching and Go USA!