Food Inc ~ Movie Review

I finally watched Food, Inc. It was a good movie. During my senior year at Luther one of my classes about about food and the environment, so it was much like that class. We watch movies like this and read one of Micheal Pollan’s books (who is interview for this movie). Along one of the interviewed people is Joel Salatin from Polyface Farms, who is in one of Pollan’s books, who runs a really cool farm where they do a special way of farming with controlled area and all natural, they also butch local on the spot, (the movie shows chickens).
I think we should all watch this, it makes you not want to eat much of the food in American, but I knew this from the above class.
Over here I see where Bulgaria is changing and just in the year that I have been here we have more processed food. We always joke about how we will never be able to eat Tomatoes or cucumbers back home beacuse they are not real, but after watching the movie its true. Not going to lie most of the food for example produce is much better over here, unless you have your own garden back home, but even that, I think there must be something in the goat poop beacuse the tomatoes over here…are AMAZING!

I know I’m also to blame, beacuse we all love a pop or candy bar, but we need to start changing, me also; we have in the past 50 years have changed so much the food that we eat that our bodies don’t know what to do. We where not built for so much corn, sugar, and fats. We where hunter-gatherers for so much of our “life” as humans our bodies need time to get up to this superstore of food we are now eating.

At the end of the movie they say “you can change the world with every bite” and its so true, just look at Wal-mart in the movie they changed milk and now have organics. I know this is true, we can we just have to. It will be hard but we need to not only for the health of us but also the earth that we hope to keep going for future generations.

So all in all its a good movie that makes you think and hopefully act!
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