Giving Blood

So the other day I was watching Grey’s (yes I know but sometimes it makes you think) and they where giving blood which made me think if and when I could give blood again. During High school I gave blood twice, once I even fainted and made my mother mad. She didn’t understand why I did it, if fact she was pissed at me because she had to come to town and pick me up. Its the only time I have ever fainted but with some OJ and sandwiches I was fine. The next time I was just super careful and made sure I did not stand up to fast. But since then I have not been able to. I have magical blood the lucky O- so I would also get calls and letters in the mail back home.
During college the first year it was always during classes or when I had to work, then after that beacuse I traveled aboard. Since I went to Malaria places I couldn’t give for 12 months and since I went to them two January in a row took out most of college. So I was hoping I could do it when I get back home, but since I have been living in Europe for now awhile and soon be 27 months. It will be hard. I learned that if I live in Europe for more then 5 years I can’t give ever again. Which might make you think, 5 years but if I ever get a job aboard again I will most likely not be able to give again.

I understand rules and such but I hope in the future they can work on this, beacuse with today’s world of traveler and global citizens we need all the blood we can get and soon this could be hard- stupid mad cow!
Some people think we should get paid for our blood but come on people you are just lucky to have it to give so do. We live in a country (America) where we should give we don’t live in some place in the world where there is a black market and there shouldn’t be. And come one we live in America this is what makes us special we give because we can do things like this.
Sad news from the American Red Cross is : “When you make a blood donation, you join a very select group. Currently only 3 out of every 100 people in America donate blood.” 3 out 100, wow this is just SAD!! We all know more then 3 people that have needed blood in the last year I bet.

So all in all, this is a call from aboard since I know I can’t for sometime; that you can if you are able to GIVE blood. Its really easy and not that painful. Hey I fainted and went back! You might wonder why? well beacuse you never know when you might need it back, so give when you can! (this rule can come into play with all giving not just blood)
But really if you can’t give blood then help out or encourage others to go, beacuse really we should have more then we need! This is just my thought and I will once I’m home and out of the travel ban for it!
American Red Cross:
Top 10 Reasons why you should give