List of memories of Husker football

Today is Gameday. I miss husker football and well football in general. I thought I would share my list of memories of Husker football for me. As I’m listen to the radio online from Bulgaria here you go:

Listening to Husker football on the radio. We would sit in the living room and lay on the floor. Getting to drink pop. and eating cheese salsa dip.

Yelling at the TV. When I was older I would go downstairs and sit on the couch and yell at the TV.

Getting our tickets. When I was little my dad would have us go get our tickets since it was cheaper for us to do it and I also gain may skills from it. Now I can barter like crazy.

Gameday in NE. Driving into Lincoln and the whole interstate is full of fans and red. All radios and TV are turned to it. the Stadium full of red and listen to the band play. and Yes people plan weddings around them.

Food. I would love to get the food. Getting the drinks in the cups and keeping them. then going down and getting the food or from the food guys. Runza’s and pizza. all Nebraska food even the  Fairbury hot-dogs.

Tunnel Walk. Not only at the game put on the radio/TV it still gives me chills every time.

Crushes. Not going to lie we all had them. My friends and I would put their numbers on our notebooks and make jokes out of it all.

I can’t wait to go to a game again and be able to listen and watch them again. Always a Husker!


About AEK
A graduate student at St. Kate's in the MAOL program where I'm a Peace Corps Fellow. I'm a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Bulgaria 2008-10. I have a B.A. in Anthropology from Luther College, where I gained my love for travel.

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