List of TV shows to learn about a city

So over here I have a lot of time, I mean a lot so we all get into TV shows. So here is my list for the day of the top shows to learn about a new city.

Sex and the City and Gossip Girl.  Well the city of New York.

Dexter. Miami. makes me want to not travel down there and end up in the water

The Wire. Baltimore. Makes me glad I wasn’t raised on a corner.

West Wing. D.C. Not only do I get the west wing and capital info I also fell like its a great government class.

After watching these show lately I know what do and where not to go.

(This week I decided to honor a blog I follow secret society of list addicts. Welcome to Walnut anthropology’s list week.)

About AEK
A graduate student at St. Kate's in the MAOL program where I'm a Peace Corps Fellow. I'm a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Bulgaria 2008-10. I have a B.A. in Anthropology from Luther College, where I gained my love for travel.

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