Starbucks and Jobs

So I’m writing this from wonderful Starbucks. Today is a big day it marks the month left mark or officially 30 days until I’m a RPCV.

So I have been sitting here downing Ice teas..not a good idea unless you are really thirsty or have a huge bladder. My internet went out and since I need only internet today to work on stuff I decided to make a run into Sofia for the day. I’m still sadly I know working on my DOS, (like a big resume of all you did in PC) Job and more job search, and trip planing.  I know all of them will come together and I should not even take a break to write this but here are some things I learned so far in Starbucks.

  1. Ice Teas are wonderful
  2. Carrot cake is even better
  3. How I really really miss cream cheese frosting
  4. How I love american starbucks music no need for itunes
  5. Bulgarian fashion for high school is back to 80s and some 70s
  6. Bulgarian kids love sweet and low sugar packets to down like we did with pixy stix
  7. How I miss super fast internet
  8. How I miss internet always working
  9. I can’t wait to go back to places to sit and meet up with Friends(makes me miss them)
  10. Its a good thing all this is in Leva beacuse I will never be able to get this again for a long time

Off on the Job search…So far I decided that I wish I liked numbers and computers….

About AEK
A graduate student at St. Kate's in the MAOL program where I'm a Peace Corps Fellow. I'm a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Bulgaria 2008-10. I have a B.A. in Anthropology from Luther College, where I gained my love for travel.

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