Dream at Ten

Things I wanted to do when I was ten 1. Make a wagon into a restaurant & travel around the world having adventures with my invisible pet dinosaur. Most of the adventures would start with people buying food from us 2. Light things on fire to see how they would burn 3. Dig an underground fort & live there except at mealtime & at night because I hate dirt in my food & my pajamas 4. Discover a continent or an island & not tell my parents where it was because they’d just make me clean it ~Story People (Original Drawing #1847-Boxed Book Set)

1. wagon restaurant – how cool would that be
2. invisible pet dino- sweet I think I had one or a couple as a child.
3. always always a good thing to light stuff on fire- practice is key
4.underground fort- amazing- i love forts and this takes it to a whole new level
5. totally agree- find something new and unfound is a dream but google broke that one, but the not telling so you don’t have to clean it- like any ten year old- yes and yes


About AEK
A graduate student at St. Kate's in the MAOL program where I'm a Peace Corps Fellow. I'm a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Bulgaria 2008-10. I have a B.A. in Anthropology from Luther College, where I gained my love for travel.

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